Gentle Chiropractic Care

Dr. Bose practices a gentle, effective, form of chiropractic pioneered by Dr. David Newton of Wellesley, MA. It focuses on treating the underlying cause of a symptom in order to resolve it and prevent recurrence.

All parts of the body are connected and affect each other. Often a symptom is caused by a problem in another area. Some examples are:

  • knee pain caused by misalignment in the sacroiliac joint
  • back spasms caused by dysfunction in the intestines
  • shoulder pain caused by misalignment in the neck or skull
  • headaches caused by an overburdened liver

Discomfort can by caused by dysfunction in the musculoskeletal or organ systems, both of which are governed by the nervous system. When restoring health, it is essential to address the nervous system as it controls and co-ordinates every activity in the body.

Dr. Bose uses a combination of 3 chiropractic techniques in treatment: Sacro-Occipital Technique, Activator Method, & Applied Kinesiology. These are all gentle, low-force, techniques that address the nervous system to bring balance to the musculoskeletal and organ systems (for chronic organ imbalances, Nutrition Response Testing is used). These techniques, while good individually, provide exceptional results when used together.