Nutrition Response Testing

Nutrition Response Testing is a way of determining the exact nutritional support needed for a patient to heal and get well. Nutrition Response Testing has a success rate of over 90% because it addresses ill health by treating the cause of a problem and not just the symptom.

The body is examined, factors causing dysfunction are determined, and supplements are given that will address these causes so that health can be restored.

Kinesiology muscle testing is used to assess the functioning of the nervous, organ, and musculoskeletal systems. Dysfunctional areas are tested for causative factors such as heavy metal toxicity, chemical toxicity, infections, and food sensitivities. Specific supplements to address these factors are then tested for and prescribed.


100% Convinced

“After struggling with infertility and being somewhat reluctant to pursue hormone treatment options, I went to see Dr. Bose for Nutritional Response Testing. She identified several issues that were contributing to my infertility, including a number of food sensitivities. After adhering to Dr. Bose’s treatment plan for about 4 months, I became pregnant with our daughter. Not only was I able to get pregnant, but I also experienced a very easy and healthy pregnancy. I am 100% convinced that both my ability to get pregnant and how good I felt during my pregnancy were a direct result of Dr. Bose’s treatment plan. In addition to the Nutritional Response Testing, I have also seen Dr. Bose for chiropractic services. Her techniques have helped with a number of chronic issues, including plantar fasciitis and stiff neck muscles. I have referred several friends to Dr. Bose who have had success with her as well.” —L.C.